Customer Reviews

A little goes a long way! Not greasy! Smells great and works wonders for my dry scalp. My husband and I both use it.

Kyndal R.

Saw this [Teakwood] candle being introduced and immediately inquired about it. Amazing choice, it smells so good and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Customer service was great. The representative was responsive and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Will definitely be buying again.


This is my new favorite body oil to use! The smell is divine and lasts for many hours! It also keeps my skin moisturized whenever I use it.

Monique G.

This product is so amazing, don’t let the size fool you. A little definitely goes a long way, and it lathers some well when water is added. It smells so good and I wish there was a lotion equivalent of this. It definitely cleans well and you smell amazing afterwards too.

Ashley F.

I’m big on exfoliating and love that this product doesn’t make me feel like I’m drying my skin out as I’m using it! Def going to order more!

Marsha B.